Candid Photography

by M Yuva Kishore

Posted on June 11, 2017

A candid photography is taking a photo without any prior preparation, capturing without planning a posed appearance. Clicking photograph without distracting the one's activity is a challenge which also surprises them with the nice image.

Capturing the most beautiful moments, unique emotions, happy expressions & true essence at your special event is our passion and which make moments cherish forever.

Some of the adequate moments we have observed to take Candid Photography.

  • Expression of Everyone does have an eternity towards inventiveness and unique in their own way of style, smile.
  • Spontaneous behavior of individuals, group of people or a family is gathered with the huge happiness which is the unique and never can be replaced with anything else.
  • • Speech of innocence talks more words which all happen in a single moment and can be memorized long-lasting.

Bloom moments we experience in the shooting South Indian occasions.

  • A fine day it was before the day of wedding ceremony. As general I went to visit the location (Bridegroom home) once to see the decorated atmosphere, there a girl sitting on the balcony and looking at trees around her and thinking more deeply. Without any late, I recognized she is the bridegroom. What I observed is she is fully thinking about her future and things going to change after marriage. Every woman has this day were she thinks about future and new relations after the marriage. Immediately I click her photo sitting over there and saved in the marriage database but not shown to the bridegroom. All the occasion has done well and delivered all the Pre-Wedding, Wedding photo and videos. After a month I took that photo I shoot before the day of the wedding and casually visited the bride's home for some payment pending. There I saw all the family sitting and chit chatting. I gave that Candid Photography to her husband and talking with the head of families over there. After 2Min the Bridegroom and Bride came to me and express "Thanks for the best single Photography which says 100words about my feelings."

  • With the help of Heart and mind, the Face & eyes express all the feelings even without talking the single word. These expressions are more precious which even stick on the fellow's heart and recalls every time. This kind of expressions is most valuable and called as magical moments.

    The Candid Photographer stubborn to capture desire appropriate emotions. But the Candid Photographer would have to work against all the intense situations and disturbances causing on the moment and thereby produce an honest photograph.

    • As a Candid Photographer, there is no way to direct the moves of Individuals.
    • The suasions are mostly challenging the focusing capability to the extreme and camera's Shutter speed.

    “Candid photography is really a different approach to photography for beautiful storytelling.”